Nunua Solutions

Nunua is an innovative technology company that provides an online shopping platform for the fast-moving consumer goods and investment solutions to consumers. Nunua believes in creating innovative product development, new technologies, supply chain enhancements and business acquisitions.

Our Goal

Our service goal is economic empowerment through increasing the purchasing power of consumers.

Our Mission

To create economic empowerment by providing innovative customer experience in shopping, through sustainable divestments and profitable business practices.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leader in the retail industry across Africa by empowering production, distribution and consumption of the consumer goods.

Our Business Philosophy

Our key drivers are; passion, innovation, consumer growth. We are passionate about empowering consumers for sustainability through advanced technology and offering investment solutions which increase their purchasing power.

Our Products

Curently we have four major products


Nurupay provides your financial solutions with the knowledge that “life moves faster than the pace of bank queues”

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We provide a trusted online portal for advertisers to advertise their products/services to their desired market

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Nunua App

Shoppers buy fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) from their local stores and have them delivered at their doorstep.

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Mutual Fund

For all your investment solutions.

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Our Services

We have the most convenient services motivated to suit all your requirements


Nunua254 provides a social marketing/advertising platform targeting medium SMEs, brands & businesses. It connects advertisers directly to social influencers who market their products on the platform. Advertizers acquire a customer database via direct interaction with potential customers. Our greatest aim is to create a strong brand visibility of products for our clients and increase their sale margins. Our marketing concept provides a trusted online portal for advertising products/services to the larger market.


This is a service that allows consumers to access products online through our Nunua application. We sign up vendor shops for retailers and list their products on the platform for selling. Customers are able to view and make comparisons over a wide variety of stores and goods before they can choose what they want to purchase. The system allows them to shop and make payments for their goods conveniently. Once the orders are serviced and processed, they are packaged and prepared for delivery to a pick-up point or at their door-step.

Shopping investment

This is a service designed to enhance economic empowerment across by empowering the consumers’ purchasing power. We provide an innovative customer experience through sustainable divestments and profitable business practices. We are very passionate about empowering the consumers for sustainability through investment solutions that increase their growth as they shop. Customers are able to purchase goods at discounts pushed to savings and investment that earn them interest of up to 2% per month.

Logistics and distribution

This is a service that supports supply chain enhancements through management of logistics and distribution for manufacturing companies. We offer skills, knowledge and experience to help companies operate your networks across the East African region. We work with companies to develop good strategies, identify opportunities and create innovative alternatives that provide supply chain improvement for their customers. Our service provides for improved customer service through increased operating efficiency & reduced costs that help businesses achieve their goals, access to our regional network of distribution centers and advanced technology systems that help you meet your inventory and logistics requirements.

Our Team

We have professional,enthusiastic assembled team who are geared to ensure that your interests are served

Gideon Gitonga

Managing Director

My drive is to offer you the best services at your utmost convenience

Aurelia M'mbasu

Head of Operations

I am passionate to ensure all services are offered to the best convenient standards.

James Nyaga

Investment Product Manager

My drive is to ensure you get the best knowledge and advice on Investment Opportunities.

Patricia Kahare

Shopping & Advertizing Product Manager

I am passionate toensure you get the best of advetizing and shopping services.

Margaret Njoroge

Payment Services Product Manager

I ensure you get the best of financial management services with utmost integrity and transparency.

Boniface Kirimi

Marketing Head

I am passionate to make our brands known and experienced.

Flossy Mwendwa

Community Management

I deal with store management and complaints.

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Our Partners

We have partnered with various companies, major ones are as listed below